Saturday, May 15, 2010


mm , spend the saturday on a date with ze' babygirl (:
went to sch in the morning , then came out and then head to AC =D
then baby ask to wait infront of taylor's , so walk there , then baby came in like 5 mins (:
walk to ac , studdied , studdiedd . hah .
thenn , to pool (: as always , i win babyyy ! xPPP HAHAHAHAHA .
andd thenn , baby wanted to study , but then we got hungry and forget the urge to study . had brunch there (:
then then , took a cab to summit . they charge fucking 15 bucks , and it only takes 5 mins to get there , WTF ?=.= . wont be that dumb the next time .
reach summit at around 12.45 ? went to the cinemaaa (: , wanted to watch Ipman2 but its too late since ive gotta get back like 5 + ? met shih hui there awhile , then off we go watching IRONMAN2 (: were late like 10 mins ?
the movie was awesomeee ! REALLY NO KIDDING . 9/10 man . cuddling baby is so nice :B
and after the movie over , we saw shaf ;D he was sitting behind us . hah (:
after the mov , walk aroundddd , hang around .
then headed back home . baby's mummy fetch to the ktm (: THANK YOU HENTUO HENTUO AUNTAY . saved me fifteen bucks . hah .
got home at around 545 (:

aweshomest date ive ever had baby ,
we shall do it again (: hah .


Monday, April 26, 2010

Super Best Best Date ;D

mmm update bout Saturday awesome awesome day ;D ?
hah , read it on ze girlfriend's bloggiee ? T_T its the same tho . hah . dont have to double post it .

and awww baby , i had the best time of my entire life . and we'll do it again right right right ? =D
cuddling u (: oh am gee . hah .
baby get excited being in the train and playing the card slot thingy . haha , awww so cute right ? !


Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy First Anniversarry Dear Girlfriend

mm : ) my baby and I was suppose to celebrate our anni together on sunday , which is on the 18th . a day before our anniversarry : ) . but she had to head to Penang since her granny is sick .
but well , the plan carried on with ken , lionel , joyee and shih hui .
they came to Klang for the first time .
initial time plan was like er 10 ? but ended up to be like 12+ . haha .
so me and lionel had our breakfast as some mamak while waiting for them .
and after met em (: planned to head to the library but it was close on weekends . aww ):
so took a cab and head to aeon . watched KICK ASS . woo , awesome movie !
missed the girlfriend alottt . hah . mingled around , walk around . before the movie we were at like this fancy sit japanese restaurant , the waitress couldnt speak fluent english , HAHA . made me laugh alot .
after the movies , we decided to find bak kut teh . found one not quite far from AEON (: . hah , ate then it was like late 6 so took cab and headed to the train station . the taxi man was funny man .
mm then it was GOODBYE ? (: p/s congrats to sh and lionel =D

and 19th today (:
is our first month we are together , we are definately gonna last till the end of time right baby ?
iloveyou .
very much . i do with every beat of my heart baby .


Saturday, April 10, 2010

wheehee (:

oh yay , finally met up with ze girlfriend after twoooo LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG weeks .
so did SH and LIONEL (:
had an awesome laugh watching people drop in the ice skatting ring , hah . theres this guy that drop every 5 step he takes . hah , and he looks like a penguin . no kidding .
then got a text from bby , head to starbucks . thought they were there but there were only on the way .
suddenly i felt someone from behind hugging me , then turn around was baby (: hah . huggg her :D
walk walk around , then decided to makan SAKAE SUSHII :DD , yummy yummy (:
bill was higher then i expected ? o.O lol . hah .

then headed to Eve's . i won baby in pool as usual , wheeee .
walk walk walk around (: etc etc etc . . .
went gasoline for a drink ? (: , then dk where to go -.- so went sunway hotel , to kill ze boredom . headed to starbucks where bby's mama was suppose to pick bby and sh up . but bby's mama called or text i forgotten , to wait at sunway hotel , so went there again (:
spotted bby's mum car , so they ciao-ed =D , didnt get a hug and kiss , since mama is thr . hah
so me and lionel was alone , didnt know what to do . bought a fa
gg , and fagg ? hah , then went starbucks , a drink . and ciao .

picture of ze day .

iloveyoubaby (: so so so so much .

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hello . ( :

since im so bored , ill update for the baybee .
skipped school cos i felt sick at 6.30 in the morning when the alarm went -.-
fucking tetanus jab .

its been two weeks since ive seen the boyfriend . gosh D:
and i missed him badly . ill be seeing that adorable face on Saturday , cant wait ♥

wonder what are the peps doin at school now .
prolly hundred perc missing me . im too imba . ;p

i wonder what's baby doing too .
ohwells , would wait till he comes back from school .
and its .. 3 hours from now fml . TT

ciaos ! aunt will be coming soon . i think .
this boy really dont know update o.o HAHA .

i love you biyy

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Piggoo .

weekends ? (:
went to Ching Ming or Chinese all souls day on the saturday (: , woke up quite early to head day cause the sun will be darn hot late in the morning . But anyways it was still hot .
did all ze prayers and stuff and had lunch with the family around Meru

met baby on Sunday at SUBANG PARADE . That was hell of a boring place . hah (: , went mcD , and saw baby's mama , so we decided to eat other place , tried sakae's but sadly it was full . so went to uncle lim's (:
went for DAYTONA later on , lost to baby ): ugh . hah . th
en headed to MPH , read this so called DISGUSTING JOKES , more like LAME JOKES . hah
was bored so decided to call Lionel up and meet up with him , he was at Sunway , so headed there (: played a game thr with baby , i won OBVIOUSLY :P whee .
hah , walk around and then decided to watch HOW TO TRAIN A DRAGON . good good movie (:
it was quite late after the movie , so we headed back home (:

Friday, March 26, 2010

hello earth (:

hello (: just a quick update since im bored like FUCK .
sorry girlfriend for not updating frequently :D:D

mm , sch ? school is fine , amazing . exam marks still could be consider alright (: haha .
school makes me miss my baby alot ): haha .
so mm today ? (: today i kinda ponteng sch with the gang :D . damn gancheong . haha like playing counter strike . went to Tee's hse first , then off to CC . kononnya , people are gonna teach me how to play dotA , but end up getting killed like o0o hah .
and tomorrow is gonna be hell of a hectic day ): gonna be up early , 7.30 to CHING MING . and its like 1 plus now ? ill be at bed thinking of my baby like 3 hours - 1 hour time taken to sleep = 2 hours of sleep more . HAH .
Cant wait to see baby on SUNDAAAAYYYYY ! =D

ok off to bed . tata .